SHUN TAT GROUP, a reputable manufacturing establishment founded in 1978. Progressing in its 35 consecutive year, our major objective is the continuance of improving our achievements based on reliability, trusted business relations, and loyal customers. Primarily, over 80% of our finished products are distributed through exports to the United States and European regions.

SYSBAY (a member of the SHUN TAT GROUP) has established itself as a reputable manufacturer producing quality electronic and outdoor audio products. Coordinating with our growing business at a faster pace, SYSBAY has already established further locales with factories & offices situated in: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Fukien China. With our fully equipped 120,000 square meter factory with over 1000 employees located in China, aside from our own designed products we also manufacture OEM/ODM products or the USA and European market. Taking into consideration the high quality requirements of our customers, we enforce our factory to produce quality products that meets the international standards. We have our professional QC department in our factory that makes sure every product that came out of the production line meets the quality standard of our customer.

Armed with the latest information and plenty of flexibility, the people at SYSBAY are creative and innovative. Thus we readily adapt to change while forging into the future with new ideas for both personal and company success. We design for your music life.

The spirit of challenge is essential to SYSBAY personnel, who welcome challenges as opportunities for continued personal and company growth. This pioneering spirit guarantees plenty of progress for everyone.

A company entity must offer clients, partners, shareholders and society in general plenty of trust and reliability. Company and public prosperity depend on honesty and transparency, as well as efficiency and excellence in all operations. We provide all of these, and more.